Rubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Which is best?

It has become very hard to distinguish which is better: rubberwood or Sheesham? As they both look quite similar after finishing. It is important to understand the basic things about wood to know which is best for your furniture and overall wooden essentials.

Therefore, give our article reading to know more about rubber wood vs Sheesham wood-

Rubber Wood-

Rubber Wood is the most preferred wood in the modern world because it is very lightweight and has an attractive outer surface. Compact and lighter things are the need of the new generation. Rubber Wood is the requirement of the new era. The density of the rubberwood is likewise similar to that of ash.

Rubber Wood is most suitable for smaller wooden sets, not for a big one as it is very durable. The major highlight of Rubber Wood is that it is very affordable. The reason why It is known for small furniture is that it is not suitable for adverse weather changes. Outdoor furniture made from Rubber Wood is not resistant to climatic changes.

However, small desks, cutting boards, and shelves made from Rubber Wood are very cost-effective and easily manageable.

Sheesham Wood-

The origin of the Sheesham Wood is from trees such as rosewood, Dalbergia Sissoo, and Penny leaf tree. In the contest of Sheesham wood vs rubberwood, the thing which Rubber Wood lacks is an advantage for the Sheesham Wood. The Sheesham wood has a durability factor in it. Sheesham wood is considered to be hardwood. The wood structure is so hard that it sometimes becomes difficult to mold it into the shape of furniture. The color will be from golden to deep brown.

Sheesham is compatible with all types of glues and machinery.

It is nearly impossible for the Sheesham wood to get decayed but yet it should be checked for boring beetles from time to time. However, the maintenance of the Sheesham wood is not so easy; it has to be polished at regular intervals to maintain its shine.

rubberwood vs Sheesham wood-

Now we have to give a truthful comparison between the two to make you know which is better: rubberwood or Sheesham?

Furniture or wood essentials made from the right wooden material is very important as it can last up to a few years and in some cases up to a century. Many things come to your light when comparing two kinds of wood. You have to compare the durability, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness of the woods to know which wood is most suitable for your needs. There are many kinds of wood in the competition that are solid wood, teak wood, pinewood, rubberwood or sheesham wood.

  • Rubberwood is known for its lightweight quality while the Sheesham wood is quite tough and strong.
  • Rubberwood is not very durable and resistant to different weather while the Sheesham wood is quite very durable because of this quality it often becomes hard to convert it into furniture.
  • Rubberwood maintenance is very low because it is very cost-effective on the other Sheesham wood needs regular maintenance.


As the furniture market has grown immensely, the need for affordable and long-lasting furniture is very essential. Rubber Wood can be your choice in this term. On the other hand, some people don’t look at price but need a durable future. In this case, Sheesham Wood is the best.

Therefore, it all depends upon what your requirements are, the best wood for furniture deflects from wood to wood. It can be rubberwood if you want lightweight or it can be Sheesham woods if you want durable. So there is no clear winner between rubber wood or sheesham wood.

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