modular kitchen Pune

The kitchen is the most important part of any home, as the meal we enjoy sitting on our table is cooked in the kitchen.

A kitchen in any home requires being suitably built, to confirm that it makes the entire procedure of cooking satisfying with an engaging experience. A kitchen with a planned design will always ensure the best usage of existing space.

People have less time because of their daily commitments, so they hate to spend more time in the kitchen.

Therefore, while designing the kitchen, it is required to pay attention to the kitchen space, to save time, and effort for preparing the meal.

Keeping the above things in mind, we, interior designers in Pune, with 10 years of experience in the interior design of kitchens, offer the following types of modular kitchen designs in Pune. 


This design in the kitchen room looks natural. The design with a U shape dictates the 3 existing adjoining benchtops, having sidewalls designed with cabinets for keeping cutlery, cooking ingredients, and appliances needed for cooking. It is one of the best kitchen designs with its efficiency. 


It is the classic layout design of the kitchen, where there are 2 walls adjacent to each other with 2 benchtops. Keeping the working triangle in mind, this is the best design for the kitchen. It supports the concept of the open kitchen, where L shape suits 2 sides of the triangle and there is free space for movement. 


The design of this type of kitchen is similar to a gallery, where the two working areas are designed in parallel to each other.

There are two benchtops in two working areas opposite each other. The most attractive feature of the parallel kitchen is that it helps to separate the tasks which you perform while moving. 


If you have sufficient space for an open living area and the kitchen, you can consider this layout for the design of the kitchen.

It is becoming a popular choice if you want to expand the storage space with extra seating arrangements too. This layout is a combination of the straight kitchen or L-shaped kitchen with island space. 


Loft apartments and studios use this kitchen design. It has a single countertop on both sides of the cooking surface without any complex angle. The cabinets are positioned above the countertop. To save time and space for cooking, a set of linear drawers is placed to easily access the groceries.


This configuration of the kitchen is made of various materials. These materials can avoid wear and tear of the furniture during the assembling or dismantling of the layout in case of relocation.

It is a good option because it is easy to dismantle and reinstall the wall cabinets, and floor units.  

If you want to enjoy the cooking experience and have time in Kitchen, we have a professional interior designer to design a modular kitchen in Pune at affordable prices.

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