Your double-height living room with a staircase can look extravagant by the addition of a few elements. There is a certain alteration you need to add a bit of uniqueness to your space. The space looks quite fashionable, fabulous, and trendy. These rooms are the needs of the new generation of people. It adds depth and dimension to the rest of your household. These rooms can be the places to show up on your master artwork on the walls. These rooms can bring you closer to nature by adding the windows or skylight above. 

Six Tips To Make Your Lobby Design Look More Interesting:

However, the following are the tips to make your double-height lobby design more attractive and charming:

Install Tall Windows

As I have mentioned earlier, adding tall windows to your living room makes your room look more attractive and organic. It provides more opportunities for the light to enter your household. One more additional advantage of adding large glass panels is you will be able to see the outdoor views, thus creating the illusion of a bigger space. Adding neutral color is important to further enhance the space of the 

double-height lobby

Therefore, adding windows and glass panels can be a game-changer.

Choose Layered Lightning

Layered Lightning is the best option for adding a tinge of charms to your space. Fix the light fixtures at different levels in your room, thus allowing the lightning to not create dark shadows or patches in the space.

Besides that, for further adding attractiveness to your room add floor lamps and install ceiling-mounted lights or track lighting. 

 The addition of tall mirrors will also make it natural light to get reflected inside the space, thus enhancing the look of the double-height lobby.

Add Warmth to the Space

Adding warmth to the space is a much greater option to make your living room look more classic and attractive. Add some of the wooden furniture to your room. You can also introduce the warmth essence in the room with the help of wooden tiles or wall paneling. Add the color in your room that is most likely to be soft, don’t add highlighted colors such as red, green, or blue. 

Add Storage to Your Room

The most awesome aspect of double-height walls is that we can consider embedding additional space capacity as closed cupboards, open shelves or drifting wooden racks. Stay away from open racks over a stature of six feet since they are hard to keep clean. They make your space look astounding along with the advantage of storage. 

Decor Your Walls

This could be the ideal thing for a double-height lobby wall design. Utilize every single inch of your double-height living room walls. Make it look worthy for others. Decorate your room walls with the help of wall art, wallpaper, textured paint, 3D wall panels, or stone cladding. You should have to furnish your wall with outstanding pieces of artwork. However, be responsible to find a similar theme in all of these decorations to give your wall a cohesive look. If your room has a staircase the decors on the walls will make your living more outstanding. It could be a great addition to the double-height entrance lobby as well. 

Adding a Statement Chandelier

The chandelier is the heart of the room otherwise space looks empty if seen upwards.

A curiously large chandelier or sculptural light apparatus is an absolute necessity for a double-height stature living room. They draw the eye upwards, occupy the upward space, and add a ton of character!

Therefore, individuals can focus on any of the steps mentioned above to make a double-height living room with a staircase look more awesome. 

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